Never Give Up Hope On Your Dreams And Your Passions

grind, the never-ending cycle of emails, phone calls, and text messages back and forth, in order to keep up a constant buzz — it is all sometimes such a task and a challenge for me. However, it is part of my true passion, and so I do it without question and, hopefully, without fail.

I know, sometimes we put so much effort into marketing and promoting, in the effort to try to get even a few people to come out and see what we do, to enjoy our passion in music, right? It’s not always easy, and in fact, sometimes it can be somewhat frustrating if you let it get to you, or if you start to take the “maybes” and the no-shows personally. So — don’t take it personally! We never know what the outcome may be when we book a date at a particular venue, now, do we? All we can do is believe that — no matter who shows up, or doesn’t show up — we still get to play our music, sharing our passion in what we do with whoever is there, and knowing that they will appreciate all that we do. I try to remember — whether it is just the staff, or just a few people, or even just one or two people in the crowd — that we should always perform as if the house was sold-out, with Standing Room Only. Just do what we always do: play with heart, with passion, and they will become fans for life, knowing that you played beautifully just for them.

But I’m only human. From time to time, I have to remind myself to not take it personally when we don’t get the huge turnout we’d like. But we truly cannot control every outcome for every gig at every venue. So just remember to always have fun, and enjoy being able to share your gift and deep-hearted passion for music with whomever will listen.

Stay true to your self and in sharing your sincerity to supporting the Venue. We should all remember to never forget, that with out the venue, we have no venue to share our true passion: our music!

So stay tuned, as there will be more to come. Peace.