Palo Alto’s Remi Wolf rocks and bops 2 nights at The Warfield!

Photo by Daniil Vishnevskiy

Palo Alto native Remi Wolf was finishing her upbeat, fast paced, high energy, funked out, soulful pop headlining set on Thursday September 15th, the second night of her two concerts at San Francisco’s Warfield Theater. She spoke out to the crowd. “Thanks for letting me be myself and letting me be fucking weird! And I look at you guys and you’re all great and look fucking weird too!” The crowd went wild.

Remi Wolf is awesome. If that wasn’t your take away from the two nearly sold out Warfield shows on her national Gwingle Gwongle Tour, it will be after interacting with her fans. A giggly squad of Remi Wolf fans waited patiently and anxiously outside on Market Street for their friend to arrive. Genevieve, Sara, and Natalie of San Francisco energetically expressed “Remi Wolf is fun to bop to. Good boppy tunes! She bops! She’s good energy!” Maybe she’s slipped under your new music radar, but any day now Remi Wolf will be a household name evident from the passion you feel from her rock star performances and fast growing fan base.

Remi must have felt good to be back in the bay and be adorned with love by die-hard fans like Gabby, a San Francisco native who was singing along and dancing non stop in a VIP box. “She’s just so fun! She’s so high energy and like something to dance to! I think oftenly she’s considered bedroom pop or whatever, but it’s just something I can dance to and get really hyped.“

Every member of the audience seemed like they were Remi’s best friend. They sang passionately along to her songs, moving their bodies to the funky overlays and pop rock ballads. Maddy from Palo Alto, was rushing carefully with a fresh beer back to her spot in the crowd. She took a moment to sip and explain. “She’s so relatable and she’s just really an inspiration to all of us and I think that the way that she just motivates people on stage, not even off stage. Like the way she talks to the crowd is so personable and I really think she is the next generation, and she will win a Grammy I swear to God. She’s so awesome and I love her.”

Photo by Daniil Vishnevskiy

The happy crowd was mainly made up of early 20-something hipster-like Gen Z’ers, and a lot of strong young women who will remind you that the future is female. Just like Remi, their style could not be defined. The fact is they love her. “I love her style. She mixes 90’s plus 60’s and 70’s soul into a great hodgepodge of great beats and a fun atmosphere.” said Kemea of San Francisco, who loves Remi Wolf so much that she asked if she could have a minute before giving her quote to make sure she expressed the right statement about Remi.

Even though she now lives in LA, Remi Wolf’s sound is that of a Bay Area artist with her authenticism and energy, true self expressive nature, and creativity in her songwriting. She has a carefree attitude on stage and off, and vibes of Bay Area artists who came before her. You can hear Janis Joplin inside of her, with flavors of Third Eye Blind and Sly and the Family Stone in her music. As much as her sound reminds you of something else you’ve heard, you haven’t. There’s only one Remi Wolf and she’s doing the Bay Area proud.

Remi Wolf gave her performance everything she had. She didn’t make it look like work and left it all on stage. She was having fun too. Her voice became extra raspy, and sweat trickled down her face. She used the whole stage, constantly moving, dancing, grinding and twerking everything she’s got during her soul dripping set. She giggled, “Do you guys hear my voice? I need some water.” At one point she hopped on the drums to show her range of skills. The colorful, floral, psychedelic stage setup was also visually pleasing and a great backdrop for her sounds with an imaginative visual display of graphics, flashing lights, a well lit LED wrapped tree, and a comfy looking couch. What was her big song? Her fans sang along to everything.

Photo by Daniil Vishnevskiy

The energy displayed at these Warfield shows is not uncommon for the 26 year old Wolf. Following sold out tours in 2021 and February of 2022, she continues to create memorable, power packed experiences on this current national tour and doesn’t look to be slowing down. She’s booked as the opener for Lorde on her North American tour, followed by a European Tour and festival dates including Lollapalooza in Argentina. Not bad for a Palo Alto High School graduate who was also a Junior Olympic Skier, and appeared on American Idol as a Senior in High School before attending college at USC. Thank the lord she didn’t win American Idol because what she’s doing now is a better path for career longevity. She’s growing a grassroots fan base through unforgettable concerts, authentic songs, fiery performances, special collaborations, and viral music videos.

Her debut album Juno was celebrated by the The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, TIME, NPR, Pitchfork, The Guardian, and has racked up almost 60 million streams since its October 2021 release. Wolf’s music marketability shows no end as she’s joined forces with footwear company Crocs for a new campaign. Apple even put her song in an iPhone commercial. That remix with global stars Polo and Pan, and collaborations with popular artists Dominic Fike, Cautious Clay and Still Woozy are making Wolf an undeniable player in a new innovative pop music space showing up on festivals, soundtracks, playlists, and packed venues across the US.

“I love Remi because she’s 1, from the Bay but also I feel like she’s very interactive with the crowd and doesn’t care what people think about her and will just have fun on stage and she’s very welcoming to anyone and everyone.” said Cheray, a born and raised San Franciscan and super fan of Remi who noted that she never misses one of her local shows. “I think Remi Wolf is for all people, and anyone who wants to get hyped up and dance.” Follow Remi Wolf on Instagram and catch her shows for toe taps, smiles, and good vibes.

Photos by Daniil Vishnevskiy