Pandora Founder a Bam Fan!

The Bay Area music scene has changed the way music is consumed. Besides the music and the artists, there were and are a series of people behind the scenes who made these huge changes in the way the business of music has been conducted. I’m going to introduce some of the new breed of movers and shakers in the new music technologies

“We read BAM religiously, we were a Bay Area band.” says Tim Westergren. “I played keyboards in YellowWood Junction, and we played all over California.”

Tim came to the Bay Area from Minneapolis by way of Stanford University, graduating with a political science degree. The Bay Area music scene is lucky. Rather than going into government, Tim spent the next decade producing and composing music with emerging and independent artists. In 1999, when WWW and digital music were in their infancy, Tim formed Pandora Music, to link people and music. Tim, along with his co-founders, created the Music Genome Project, an algorithm for music organization, which they eventually patented. This genome allows the user to have a listening experience organized around the common threads in music.

Pandora is very easy to use. You simply enter the name of a favorite artist, and Pandora gives you an entire stream of music, including that artist, and many artists you don’t yet know about, in that “common thread.” And what’s so great is the Pandora Radio experience is free. Just go to and start creating your own personal music profile.

There is a killer mobile application for your cell phone and tablet, and now Pandora Radio has spread to cars. Pick a channel, and listen to the music that has been specifically selected for your enjoyment. Tim is like a music Santa Claus, with his series of music experts who spend hours pouring over music to make your listening experience enjoyable. Pandora, located in Oakland, went public in 2011, and has millions of users, and is the number one free music application for mobile phones. This is the easiest way to find music you’ll like, some of it brand-new to you, customized especially for you.