Photos: Reignwolf at The Independent

Reignwolf w/ Down and Outlaws
Dec. 26, 2014
The Independent

(above: Down and Outlaws)

Kicking off a short West Coast tour here in San Francisco, Reignwolf played a stunning show to a sold-out house. In spite of playing only one day after Christmas when everything around town seemed to be a little slow, it was anything but, once things got going at The Independent. San Francisco’s own Down and Outlaws opened, with an intense set of their own. Cut from a similar cloth as Reignwolf, they were an excellent choice to set the tone for the evening’s headliner. Both bands offered up raw blues-based rock & roll with engaging performances.

(above: Reignwolf)

Reignwolf is one of those bands that inspires fans to passionately spread the word about them. Whether in a festival setting or a club, they make a lasting impression. Born of heavy blues-based rock, both the guitar work and vocals of frontman Jordan Cook is raw. Immediately upon plugging in, you can hear crackling noises in his system like he’s got everything set to the max. You can tell he’s not after a pretty or lush sound. His amp setup is also telling. It looks like a collection of road-weary cabinets and heads stacked in a corner of a repair shop. A couple of cabinets are missing their grill cloths, revealing dusty and worn speaker cones. An amp, an amp head, and speaker cabs are all stacked precariously, as if it wouldn’t take much for them to fall. And that’s a bit what Reignwolf’s show is like. Jordan plays right on the edge most of the time. It often feels like the whole thing might come flying apart at the seams. His performance is visual, powerful, and a celebration of sound. In addition to those qualities, he also has a winning personality as well as an excellent voice that easily cuts through the dense wall of sound that he, his brother Stitch (guitar), and drummer  Texas Jo create. In the short time Jordan has had this band together, they’ve been steadily building a following with each and every show. Friday’s performance was arguably one of the most memorable of the year in San Francisco, and we can expect them to achieve an ever increasing popularity in the future. Watch for bigger and better things for them. They earn that each and every night they play.