At the beginning of the tour, there was a horrible accident that could have ended Jeff Beck’s career forever. A vegetarian, Jeff was cutting what he described as “a very large carrot” when “this very sharp knife” he was using slipped and almost cut off one of the fingers on his fret hand. The tour was put on hold for several months while Jeff healed and rehabbed his hand. This type of accident must be very scary for anyone, but for a guitarist whom many consider one of the top five rock guitarists of all time, this had to have been terrifying. I’m happy to tell you that, judging by how he played at the Uptown that Tuesday night, the guitar master is clearly back and with a vengence.

On the first night, Jeff Beck’s set list of instrumental music spanned virtually every music genre, from jazz fusion to blues rock, from hard rock to progressive rock and R&B. He even threw one of Lady Gaga’s songs, “Bad Romance,” into the mix in a way that only Jeff Beck can. This one actually was quite a pleasant surprise, and it brought a big smile to his face, knowing that his audience never would have expected that one. Jeff also brought out great renditions of songs by The Beatles, The Temptations, Jimi Hendrix, Les Paul, Sly Stone, and Muddy Waters.

After the show, Jeff spent quality time with every one of the 30-40 guests who stayed there to meet him. Jeff Beck is a class guy, and as guitarists go, there are very few in his class.


A couple of weeks prior to Jeff Beck’s appearance in Napa, the guitarist jetted back to England to be one of the 30 or so invitees at Sir Paul McCartney’s wedding to Nancy Shevell in London on Oct. 9.

With six Grammy awards for Best Rock Instrumental Perfomance, Jeff was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice: first, as a member of the Yardbirds (1992); and later, as a solo artist (2009).


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