Rodrigo y Gabriela joined by Rob Trujillo (video)

Rodrigo y Gabriela

By: Walter Morgan

video by: Walter Morgan


Rodrigo y Gabriela are a Mexican acoustic guitar duo, who have rocketed to world wide success. They have toured internationally, and have even performed at The White House for President Barack Obama. Saturday they headlined the 2nd stage at BottleRock, this acoustic guitar team, do not have any vocals, nor do they have any backing band. Just the two guitars playing off each other, with Gabriela sometimes pounding out a drum beat on her guitar, while she plays.


Very incredible to watch them live. Both are extremely talented, and have a unique, one of a kind style. They are very much influenced by Metal.  Both having this in common with each other since meeting at the age of 15. One of the songs they covered was a Metal song by the band Megadeth, “Holy Wars….The Punishment Due”, putting a very original soft touch, to such a heavy song.


Seeing them perform, sometimes very technical, at other times just flowing as one. They played a very special arrangement for BottleRock, along with some new songs, and what could be more special than bringing out a guest superstar from Metallica. Robert Trujillo joined them for 2 songs “Orion” and “Battery” on Bass Guitar. This was definitely for many and myself the high light of their set. The three of them giving a such a rare and moving performance. Watching them play together is refreshing and leaves a very lasting impression.