Selvin On The City

The Bay Area music scene has changed the way music is consumed. Besides the music and the artists, there were and are a series of people behind the scenes who made these huge changes in the way the business of music has been conducted. I’m going to introduce some of the new breed of movers and shakers in the new music technologies.

Joel Selvin is a mover/shaker who just won’t quit. For over 30 years, Joel covered the music scene in the Bay Area for the S.F. Chronicle. More recently, he is the co-writer of a No. 1 best-selling book (Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock, an autobiography of Sammy Hagar). He hosts a syndicated radio show on “The Bone” 107.7 and Mendocino’s “The Coast.” He also has one of the best music libraries, which he uses to offer playlists to local restaurants. Called The Selvin Collection, you can hear his music selections at Mill Valley’s El Paseo Restaurant, and at Sammy Hagar’s Beach Bar & Grill in five airports across the country.

Mr. Selvin entered the music tech world when he published his radio shows as podcasts at These shows are fantastic! Joel combines his huge record collection with the KSAN Archives and his unique music perspective and knowledge to make entertaining and informative music podcasts. I learn something new from each show. Usually the podcast has a unique theme, and contains rare performances by the artist who is featured on that show. Here is a sample of the podcasts Joel has created and posted: All Keith Richards; Ahmet Ertegun; S.F. Garage; Van Comes to America; Elvin Bishop; Sal Valentino; Young Phil Spector; Journey Superjam; Steve Douglas; Jack Nitzsche; T-Bone Burnett; Tom Waits; Booker T; Rolling Stones 1971; The Music of Frank Zappa; The Original Fleetwood Mac; Sly Stone in North Beach; The Secret Santana Tapes; Chris Isaak and Kenney Dale Johnson; and Sammy Hagar…just to mention a few. These podcasts are a mix of obscure music from these artists and insightful commentary from Joel. Tom Waits was in Joel’s home studio when the podcast was made. It’s so cool to listen to Tom comment on his work and career. Another super interesting show is the legendary Tom Donahue interviewing Mick Jagger while listening to his latest LP in 1971.

This fall Mr. Selvin will release a book about the gangsters behind New York City’s The Peppermint Lounge, home of the Twist dance craze. You can find all of this and more at the Joel Selvin website.