Soulfly at the Fillmore

Soulfly and Lody Kong

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Fillmore

The Fillmore was only about half-full when we walked in before the show. People seemed to be in good spirits, and everyone in the room had something “Soulfly” attached to them: shirts, wristbands, flags, hats–you name it! Under the leadership of Max Cavalera, who formed the band in Phoenix in 1997, Soulfly is known and loved for its unique blend of metal with Brazilian tribal and world music, and bludgeoning anthems about slavery and power.

Lody Kong took the stage a little after 9pm, with members Zyon Cavalera, Iggor Cavalera, Clanks, and Jon. They came out with a very aggressive growl and decent beats, with influences of punk, raga, and bebop. But it wasn’t until about the third song that something clicked! The beats got heavy and the rhythm got pretty tight. The crowd started warming up to them, the energy level was rising, and that got the night started! By the end of their set, they had the people behind them.

Then 10 o’clock rolled around and the crowd was getting antsy. Chants of “Soulfly” filled the room with anticipation. Max Cavalera’s son Zyon set himself up at the drumset. Now, keep in mind that he had just played a full set with Lody Kong, and he comes out smiling! Long-time member Marc Rizzo was on lead guitar, Tony Campos (also of Static-X, Ministry and Prong) was on bass, and frontman Max Cavalera covered vocals and rhythm guitar. As well as founding Soulfly, Max was also a founding member of Sepultura, and he has also worked with some of the heaviest musicians in the metal scene–Slipknot, Slayer, Megadeth, Deftones, Radiohead, Stone Sour, and Cypress Hill, just to name a few!

The intro to “Blood Fire War Hate” screamed from the amps, and the circle pit began. It many not have been a full house, but it didn’t matter. From the way Soulfly played, it was like 40,000 people in front of them, with the passion from the crowd just feeding them more! For those who think these guys have lost a step, I must emphatically disagree. The  CD Savages, released in 2013, is solid, and the live performance is even more impressive.

With a set list like “Cannibal Holocaust,” “Fire/Bring It/Defeat U,” “Seek N Strike,” “Bloodshed,” ‘Tribe,” “Master of Savagery,” “Arise,” “No Hope=No Fear,”  “Revengeance,” “Roots, Rise of the Fallen,” “Jump Da F*** Up,” and “Eye For an Eye,” it was a killer night of metal.

Soulfly was awesome on every level and is still a great band.

I was able to sit with Max for a few minutes and catch up on a few things, as well as learn what he will be doing differently on tour.