SPECIAL: Fans Interview “Heavy Metal Hippie” Frank Hannon

Frank Hannon - Heavy Metal Hippie
We recently opened up the Frank Hannon Band facebook feed to you the fans to ask any question you want. What is Frank’s favorite guitar? Who is his biggest influence? How does he approach songwriting? Check out some of the great questions and answers!

Nehmiah Smith: I already asked a question but man I have to ask who is your favorite guitar player?
Frank: Carlos Santana

Kameron Wolff: Hey frank are you ever going to get back with Mike Araiza and Jeffery Sandoval? I hope so! And i really liked your new album! \m/
Frank: Thanks Kam, I have no plans yet to work with them again, however I have hired Jeff Sandoval to sing on some studio productions on Greg Golden’s album.

Michael Thorpe: Do you play stock Gibson pick ups?
Frank: Yes, usually if it sounds great I leave it stock, but if it squeals I take the chrome covers off.

Nehmiah Smith: Frank who is your favorite band? and who is your favorite newer band? Love the new album by the way!
Frank: My favorite newer bands are: Muse, God Smack , 5 finger and 311

Brian McDonough: Is anyone in the FHB from Moondog Mane?
Frank: No just me..

Jessica Glover: When are you coming near Boise?
Frank: Soon I hope!

“I would LOVE to jam with him, there’s a lot of guys I could easily keep up with…”
– Frank Hannon

Ernie Schiavone: Frank what are your favorite strings?
Frank: D’addario 10-46 nickel

Todd King: Looking forward to MORC and your band Frank getting your music to a large audience and will you play anything off Gypsy Highway?
Frank: Oh ya man! Prob Sweet Southern Sound, Gypsy Highway, Peace of Mind

Lisa Redden: Frank, dig “World Peace” It’s awesome!! I know TESLA did a covers cd, would you do a covers cd with your band?
Frank: Yes we do covers, Milky Way by the church, love is alive by Gary wright but they will not be on CD only the website.

Ricardo Esparza: Frank, what is your current amp and pedal set-up? What strings and gauge do you use?
Frank: With TESLA we use the new black star amps but in my shows I use combo amps, fender twins or Vox ac30 or Marshall jcm900 I use daddario 10-46 strings and MXR pedals.

Hap Oswald: Frank Hannon please tell me that you and RONNIE MONTROSE put down some tracks together somewhere for someday?
Frank: Ronnie made demos for us when I was 16 years old, one had Lil’ Suzie on it!!

Michele Garcia-simeroth: Why do you change your band members every album? Just a question….
Frank: It seems like musicians haven’t been able to stick with it, it’s tough schedule especially when I end up taking off again with TESLA, I’ve tried to help local musicians get recognized but they end up wanting more for themselves, I am very happy with Aaron Leigh and Kelly Smith because so far they seem very solid and loyal to me.

Rob Weaver: Frank, if you could jam with anyone in the world person or band who would that be and why? For me it’s UFO.
Frank: Probably Iron Maiden because I love their galloping rhythms and high energy vocals!

Ernest Skinner: I’ve been trying to get a copy of the song “The Heroes” that was done a few years back..how do I get it?
Frank: Ah yes! Heroes.. I need to re record that song! Can’t find the original.. Has a cool groove rhythm riff.

Rockin Amie When are you coming back to the Mystic Theater? It’s a great venue and a hop, skip and a jump from Sacramento.
Frank: Soon I hope!!!

Michael Zuercher: When you write leads do you think it is important to stay away from your tendencies to promote growth or do you think that your tendencies define you as a guitar player?
Frank: It depends entirely on the song… I will listen to the chords where the solos gonna go over and over before I play, and I will hear a part in my head first and sometime whistle or sing a part without playing the guitar in order to create something worthwhile without noodling!

Bill Conley: With your guitar playing would you ever consider playing with Robert Randolph and the family band in a song or 2.
Frank: I would LOVE to jam with him, there’s a lot of guys I could easily keep up with jamming but because I’m from an 80s band.. They don’t know my abilities as a player… for instance Eric Clapton or John Mayer , Warren Haynes any guys like that I would love to jam with if they’d give me a chance!!

Rudy Carr: Any Texas dates?
Frank: Yes Austin Jam 29

Bryan Shannon: Backup vocals on World Peace are awesome! Guess that’s not a question, but had to be said.
Frank: Thanks! Robbie Furiousi sang

Lisa Halkias Pesch: Will we see any east coast shows in the near future?
Frank: TESLA is off in 2016 I will be hitting a lot more east coast then.

Matt Gallagher: Hey Frank, what is it about the SG / EDS that drew you to them.
Frank: The SG guitar is all mahogany as is a V or Explorer … No maple top.. So the wood vibrates more plus I love the feel of the maestro tremolo bar.

Craig Steven Lewis: Dean Markley Blue Steel or GHS Boomers?
Frank: Daddario XL 110

Kevin Hernandez: Frank, your tone on the new album is amazing. What echo effects do you use?
Frank: A BOSS ME 80 pedal

Cindy Silva: Aaron Leigh & Kelly Smith, you guys are pretty new to the Frank Hannon Band. 1st I’d like to say, that I hope you guys will be around for a while. I love you guys! (How did you hook up with Aaron & Kelly?)
Frank: I met Aaron at Strikes Bowling alley where I played NYE a few years ago. After Joel Kruger left I was looking for bass player and Aaron approached me.

Celeste Hemminger: Frank, every guitarist has a favorite axe. What is yours?
Frank: Gibson SG with a maestro whammy bar.

Kevin Forsythe: Do your band mates in TESLA ever think about doing some of your songs during TESLA’s show?
Frank: No, but I have sang “Heavy Metal Hippie” and “Gypsy Highway” in my acoustic solo at a TESLA show before.

Ivan Sznajdleder: How Hard is to live from the music in these times? I mean in the 80’s it seems to have a good economic position but these times seems to be a little harder isn’t it?
Frank: It’s a lot more work.

Jason Jorgenson: Do you still design your own amps?
Frank: No, I stopped trying to help guys design amps cause they all kept breaking so now I stick w Marshall’s fenders Vox black stars or any amp that has it’s own voice.

Bryan Kitts How are you tuned on the intro of “So Divine”?
Frank: 12 string guitar, tuned down a half step the the top strings are dropped down to create drop tune.

Chris Tufts: Take a picture of your pedal board or tell us what is on it currently
How does not differ from what you use in TESLA?

Frank: I use the same type of pedals for both bands.. OCD overdrive, MXR phase 90 , boss tuner, boss chorus, MXR flanger DLS rotosim uni vibe.

Joaquim Valls: Any possibility to see your band in Spain?
Frank: Yes, I hope to come to Spain 2016

Alex Vigil: Frank was AC/DC and Angus Young an influence on your playing style?
Frank: Yes he is kinda… Angus bluesy rock n roll riffs, but Carlos Santana and Frank Marino were more of SG Influence on me.

Thanks again everyone!