Sweet Judy Blue Eyes at The RRazz Room

But after being involved with the room for over three years, I realize that nothing owners Robert and Rory do should shock me. They have the most diverse array of acts in the Bay Area. So, Judy Collins was just another cool night to photograph.

Sweet Judy Blue Eyes sold out the room for the solid two weeks, so anyone fortunate enough to see her was in for a real treat. She never did the same show, and every night was a complete change. The nights I saw Judy, she told fantastic stories of being a young folkie in Greenwich Village with a young Bob Dylan and the rest. And when she sang, oh my god, her voice was absolutely beautiful. She mixed songs from all over the place. When she performed “Danny Boy,” I had to stop shooting and put my camera down, and wipe away the tears in my eyes. My father used to sing that to me as a young child, and the sentimental Irish half of my heritage took control of my emotions. I could have left right then and been satisfied, but she followed that with “Mr Tambourine Man.” Wow. And those were only the fourth and fifth songs in her 14-song repertoire. “In My Life,” “Morocco,” and the encore “Rainbow” were but a few highlights. Her stories were as cool as her voice and song choices.

The audience adored her, and you could see she adored them back. When she returns to the Bay Area, her show is a must-see.

This kind of show, with songs mixed with amazing stories of times we can all relate to, is what makes The RRazz Room a special jewel among San Francisco venues.

Until next week, ROCK ON!


Pat Johnson Studios
140 South Park
San Francisco, CA 94107