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While I don’t know all of Blame Sally’s stuff, they did get on my radar in 2006 with a big, powerful, political protest song aimed right at Bush and his invasion of Iraq, called “If You Tell A Lie.” Here it is:

Neil Young had founded a website called “Living With War Today,” and requested that bands put up their own protest songs. (The website is still active.) The song by Blame Sally, with a devastating opening line (which riffed off the chilling Josef Goebbels quote), was written by Monica Pasqual. It got so many thousands of hits/downloads in the course of one month, it caused a bit of a sensation–just as Title IX did for us young women back in 1972.

So last Saturday night, at public television station KVIE in Sacramento, the "Sallies" (as fans have dubbed them) packed the big room for a live concert recording. And five years later, their rendering of “If You Tell A Lie” was no less powerful, or “Occupy”-timely. These speeding-past-40something Bay Area women