That’s What House Is All About

Some of you have heard of a few outlets that promote this kind of music, like Live 105’s “Subsonic” (Saturday nights, midnight-3am) and 99.7’s “House Nation” (Saturday nights, 1-4am), and the former (now defunct) Energy 92.7. But not much of what they play is actually local. Still, many years ago, after dance music faded from mainstream radio playlists, that was my introduction into how the Bay Area was even supporting this music on the radio at all. But still, the underground lives on! And what you might not know is that there is SO MUCH MORE to house music than what is mostly heard on the specialty weekend radio shows. And that’s what’s I intend to focus on: the house music that is actually being written, produced and performed right here in the Bay Area!

I probably won’t touch much on “remixers” because that list would just be way too long. It’s easy enoough to just remix/mash-up anything and put it out. Basically, I’ll be blogging on the who, the how, and the what of the scene, right here around the Bay. I’ll talk about some of the established parties, venues and websites (like and that support this music. Soulful and Sexy! There’s a million laptop DJs around the world calling themselves “producers” just because they can jam a billion “techno-mixes” of whatever into their laptops…and they just end up watering down the product. Let me tell ya, the Bay Area has a wealth of talented House Music producers who are also DJs, but what sets them apart is their obvious love and respect for this music and their commitment to keeping it real.

In my observation, it doesn’t seem to be so much about “how many” pieces of a song they can jam into a set; but rather, the musical journey they put on the dance floor and pour into the souls of the party people there. Kinda rambling, I know…sorry about that! But like I said, there’s just so much…it’s hard to know where to begin. Wait, I know, how about an introduction to one of the Bay Area’s premier House Music producer/artist/DJs? MIGUEL MIGS! He is a Bay Area native with international recognition as A-List talent on the Deep Soulful house music scene. He’s making the music and putting it out on his own San Francisco-based Salted Music label, and he’s got a new album on the way. Tell ya what, that’s what I’ll try to dive into next week. And in the coming weeks, I’ll also try to catch up with the likes of Julius Papp, David Harness, Franky Boissy, Fred Everything, DJ MFR, Vincent Kwok, DJ Smash, Jay-J, Latrice, Rick Preston, D’layna, Amoray and producer Bill Williams and the guys from “The People’s Party.” And the qualifying factor: BAY AREA HOUSE MUSIC MAKERS! Til then, check out this underground classic from Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw: