The Dillinger Escape Plan Rips Open Thee Parkside SF-Aug 13 2016

New Jersey ‘s The Dillinger Escape Plan made a stop in San Francisco’s Thee Parkside during their recent tour of smaller-sized shows.  TDEP are known and loved for their rowdy crowd-participating stage antics, such as singer Greg Puciato and guitarist Ben Weinman walking the audience and climbing the rafters.  Fans at this intimate venue were given a rare treat tonight, and they came out in masses to capacity at this venue and are selling out numerous stops on this latest tour.



TDEP who are on the verge of launching their sixth studio record Dissociation, due out October 14, 2016  just recently announced that they are going on “an indefinite hiatus” after the tour cycle for the upcoming album.  Their next and possibly last tour is set to run across the US and Europe before TDEP, just puts on the brakes for a bit.


  • Prancer
  • Limerent Death
  • Milk Lizard
  • Panasonic Youth
  • Room Full of Eyes
  • Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Nothing’s Funny
  • Crossburner
  • Happiness Is a Smile
  • Good Neighbor
  • Farewell, Mona Lisa
  • When I Lost My Bet



The music scene and industry will most definitely be feeling a void when this bitter day comes, but until that time get your tickets and catch what may be the last shows we are able to witness  of The Dillinger Escape Plan for some time!

The Bay Area band, NAME opened the night’s show with members:

Wes Fareas – Vocals, Guitars, Keys/Synth, Drums, Percussion

Jeremy Fareas – Bass, Keys/Synth, Upright, Bass Pedals

Armando “Mondo” Armas – Drums, Percussion




Photos and review: Jen Cash

Line Edits: Leah Storkson