The Bay Area Loves Hip Hop!

Like the one Ankh Marketing has built on 11-10-11 at The Independent in San Francisco! This show has everything you need for an epic evening celebrating everything Hip Hop and welcomes home 2 of San Francisco’s own, home-bred DJs!

-Multi-Award winning, Invisibl Skratch Pikl, and San Francisco Excelsior District’s own DJ Q-Bert!

-Fellow Pikl, lifetime achievement honoree from the International Turntablist Federation, and Beastie Boys’s DJ, Mix Master Mike!

-Master painter and urban culture historian, BUA!

Q-Bert and Mike are good friends since way back in the day in The Bay and have mixed, partied and competed together forever. So expect some terribly wicked collaborations on stage at the Indi!

Your host, Justin Bua, also an old friend of Q-Bert and Mike’s, will be providing art and visuals for the evening and will be showcasing his new book, “The Legends of Hip Hop”. So trust that the spirits of Tupac, Biggie and more will be in the building!

Here are a few links to prep you and I’ll see you there:!/event.php?eid=149980891761662

Love and Light….