Review: Uplifting, hopeful and full of truth!! – Con Brio New LP ‘Explorer’

The Bay Area has always been in the forefront of the music industry birthing out amazing artist that has made listeners feel hard, dance hard as well as touch hard, deep into the heart of current situations around our world.

The Bay has never come up short when it came down to the music yet it seems like the industry has stopped given recognition to these new music professors who have no issues giving up all of themselves to preach their message, share their joys, their pain and give their all merely because they believe this is what they were truly born to do.

It’s not about being cool or looking cute but it is all about the music and committing themselves to try and inject some form of hope into whomever may have a listen to their tracks and I think that Con Brio is totally on this page and have embarked out on a mission to help remind us to keep the faith and believe in the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. That there is still time to do our individual parts and it’s not too late.

Fun, refreshing and a really-good ride is the vibe I got checking out their new LP Explorer.

I’m hearing a hint of Lenny Kravits, Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana and that old school 80’s fire from back in the day coupled with a new millennial twist that blends together perfectly and truly has something to say.

The vocals are simply slamming, full of passion to help deliver the message these guys want the world to hear along with the other player’s accompaniment, fits like a hand and glove.

Rage mixed with hope, love and promise. And regardless of the current state of mind which is bogged down and stressed out over the rule makers that seem to have forgotten the rules, it definitely sounds like no one in this camp of 7 young soldiers are ready to give up regardless of what the White House is doing. And in fact, it more sounds like they are going to make up their own rules that represents open doors and that everybody’s welcome.

United State of Mine, I Wanna, Body Language just to name a few on this LP are spot on and full of passion.

This is just the thing that will help our youth forge the way into making a better tomorrow. A refreshment to my ears and destine to help whomever has the privilege to listen in and join them on their funky mission.

YES, there is hope and Con Brio is defiantly stepped out to help put into song many of the feelings a lot of Americans are contending with today but with no stop signs, tons of hope and a heartfelt eagerness to not give up but instead take it all the way.

Watch out for these cats for they are doing it just right and their future is sure to be a bright one.

Con Brio I give you 5 stars!!

Keep it up for the world can appreciate you.

~Keno Mapp




Ziek McCarter – Vocals

Brendan Liu – Trumpet
Marcus Stephens – Tenor Saxophone
Benjamin Andrews – Guitar
Patrick Glynn – Keyboards
Jonathan Kirchner – Bass
Andrew Laubacher – Drums


Transistor Sound