VIDEO: Frank Hannon Honors the San Francisco Sound with “Never Slowin’ Down”

Born and raised in Northern California during the 1960’s and 70’s some of my biggest musical influences came from what was known back then as the “San Francisco Sound”. Great artists like Credence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, It’s a Beautiful Day and the Grateful Dead all had a sound that mix psychedelic rock-n-roll with county music and rootsy folk influences. My new single “Never Slowin’ Down” reminds me of those San Francisco artists that influenced me.

When I was invited to join BAM Magazine at the Haight-Ashbury Street Fair this year, I was honored to join thousands of people on the street that started it all back in the 60’s. Celebrating Paul Kantner and the wonderful music of Jefferson Starship was a a blast, but not as rewarding as witnessing the peaceful crowd enjoying the day filled with arts and crafts lining the streets. Musicians, Hippies and tourists alike congregated with acceptance of each other. Some were naked, some were clothed in bright colors of tye dye cotton, it didn’t matter because this was a celebration of the sound and style of an era and place that will forever be in history as the birthplace of peace and love. Long live San Francisco, BAM Magazine and the culture of freedom in our country. The music of Jefferson Starship was timeless as the band played the songs that spanned their long career. Grace Slick’s brother Darby joined them onstage with his unique double neck guitar and they climaxed with the notion we all know; “we all need Somebody to Love!”… ~ Frank Hannon

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