Violent Femmes

Violent Femmes: “We Can Do Anything Tour” The Fillmore SF May 10th 2016
Vox/Guitar:Gordon Gano
Bass: Brian Ritchie
Drums: John Sparrow
By: Jenny Cash
They CAN do anything!  More than 15 years later, the Violent Femmes’ find themselves back under the familiar stage lights, and on tour in support of their ninth full-length studio album, WE CAN DO ANYTHING, which hit record stores on March 4,2016.  The boy’s latest journey brought them to The Fillmore SF for two Sold Out nights beginning on May 10th, but first I’m told, they made a little pit stop appearance at Amoeba SF to a store filled to capacity of longtime fans.
As a GenXer and it being my first time seeing this legendary  group who’s  self-proclaimed style is an,” identifiable mash of rambunctious folk, minimalist punk, cubist blues, cosmic jazz, and back porch rock ‘n’ roll” –Brian Ritchie, I walked into the venue a little apprehensive, but extremely excited for the night to come.  In the early portion of the evening, I found myself roaming the well-known poster strewn halls during the short window of time I had while waiting for my 9:15pm curtain call.  My 30 minute wander, consisted of numerous conversations about how long it had been since most had been to a Violent Femmes show, that this band’s discography was the theme song for most of their junior high or high school years and how unbelievable it seemed to be here,  for this nights show, 30 years later… 
Blister in the Sun
Kiss Off
Good For/At Nothing
Love Love Love Love Love
Country Death Song
I Could Do Anything / Sir Bongo
Not Be Found
Waiting for the Bus
Prove My Love
Breakin’ Up
Jesus Walking on the Water
Old Mother Reagan
Freak Magnet
Color Me Once
If We Were Lovers
Black Girls
Gone Daddy Gone
Add It Up
American Music
(with Jerry Harrison)
9:15 rolled around… the lights went dark, and a roar billowed throughout the space; a chord hit…then another and that well-recognized voice rang out the words… “Day…After Day”… but the band switched it up and fell into “Blister In The Sun”, of course to a rage of applaud.  Gordon Gano and Brian Ritchie floored the crowd and gave us the performance we were hoping to hear; sounding just as good as I remember,  all those years ago on my albums.  The bands performance was stellar and every song had the audience participating, dancing and happily reliving the reason we all were there… remembering why we still love this  band and their glorious music of youth, love and life. 

The night came to a close with “American Music” and special guest Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) sitting in for this which would be the last song of the evening.   Unfortunately all my gear was snuggly tucked away in its bed or better known as my camera bag… so sadly no photos exist of this moment, but it indeed was happened and will remain a space in time, through this walk… no, stroll,  down memory lane we all took together that night.