What Is Hot In Country 2012

But all those things are easy to find information on once they are announced. I would watch very closely for a Shoreline announcement around January 27! What is not as easy to find is information on the hot new artists who will hit it big in 2012. If I had been writing this last year, I would have mentioned Thompson Square, Sunny Sweeney and Craig Campbell, all of whom emerged with hit records last year. Here are three to watch for this year:

Jana Kramer. Her debut single is called “Why Ya Wanna.” She is a former actress who appeared on One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights, but she is a singer who acts, not an actress who sings. It all starts with personality and the “it” factor, and this girl jumps off the radio. Once you see her in person, you’ll fall in love.

Dustin Lynch. He has maybe the most amazing set of songs I have heard from a debut artist since Brad Paisley. Plus, he’s got the great look and a voice that just slays whatever he sings. His debut single is called “Cowboys and Angels” and, while good, it is nowhere near the best stuff he has.

Thomas Rhett. This is a little bit going out on a limb for me, as I have not yet heard him. However, lots of folks I respect keep bringing up his name. He is the son of Rhett Akins, who is one of the hottest songwriters in Nashville and was once an artist himself. We should have music from Thomas Rhett at the end of the month.

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Nate Deaton KRTY, San Jose

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