Who Won the Big Country Night, and Why?

That’s what is supposed to happen. We had a three-hour live commercial for our format, which was only compromised by a couple of things. One, there were a few too many pop acts participating. And two, the highlight performance of the evening…wasn’t a highlight! Faith Hill, who hadn’t performed on the CMAs for five years, was supposed to recreate her magic by singing her new single, One Republic’s “Come Home.” But the performance was very underwhelming.

The Band Perry won for both Single of the Year and Song of the Year for “If I Die Young.” These were big wins for The Band Perry and the right win for the format. The band busted out of nowhere with a brilliant album built around a undeniable song. Kimberly Perry wrote “If I Die Young” in her basement, and when she and her brothers Reid and Neil recorded it, there was magic. A compelling song, a great vocal and interesting melody combined to win both the songwriting and recording award. That is not very common to begin with, but from a brand-new artist, on their first record? Maybe unheard of.

Jason Aldean capped a 10-year “overnight sensation” by taking home Album of the Year honors for My Kinda Party. It was certainly deserved, but I have to think it was awarded as much for his body of work over the last four years as for this particular album. Pretty hard not to look at Taylor Swift’s sales numbers and critical acclaim and not think hers should have been Album of the Year.

But Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year. And if you have read any of my blog at all, you know where I stand on that. No question that she will be the Entertainer of the Year until someone can possibly come close to matching her magic.

The show was three hours of live performances and great fun!

Stepping away from TV…Last Friday night we had a show at the old San Jose Civic with Dierks Bentley. It was great to be in that venue looking all remodeled but still having the great sound I remember. I will write more about that next week,


Nate Deaton