Ziggy Marley fires it up at BottleRock

by: Walter Morgan

One of the biggest, if not the biggest Reggae star of our time is indeed Ziggy Marley. His lyrics can be political and social, much like his father and Reggae giant Bob Marley. Ziggy has risen to create his own name, and is such a talented singer, songwriter, and musician.

His band featured two good background female singers, and a fantastic backing band. His modern day Reggae music is very easy listening; his voice matches the style he grew up with perfectly. I like the fact that he can talk through his music, it has meaning, and puts you at ease, with style and presentation, also Ziggy is also a very good guitar player.

It is no mistake that he is a 7 time Grammy winner. Reggae has influences  of American jazz, rhythm and blues, combined with Jamaican Dance Music, among other genres.  The crowd enjoyed his music, and his music carries such a good message, and continues to create new fans worldwide.


Edit by Leah Storkson